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Linkblog January 2010 Blogs

1 Februar, 2010 (16:58) | Editorial | By: pooq

This blog is about visiting other blogs randomly and so I found many blogs dealing with many different themes. I enjoyed very much to read about stuff I would in some cases not even have known that it existed. Each blog I visited is presented by an article of its own and I hope that people who read about these blogs are inspired by a good blog. And I hope they want to continue reading them in future. So as it is the end of the month I want to present the blogs I personally have enjoyed most to stumble upon. You will find the list below and at the end of this article you can cast a vote for your favourite blog of this month. As I just read the current post of each blog I visit I do not evaluate the whole blog. So actually the list is just a snapshot:

Blog articles I liked to read (in chronological order):

YID with LID
A short insight on the measures taken to deny terrorists access to planes.

About Taylor Momsen who is not just an actress but a singer.

love in the living room
Why would boys watch „Secret Girlfriends“ instead of actual porn?

What Tami Said
Tami reflects what it means to her life that she has become 40 lately.

The Washington Independent
What insiders are saying about the health-care reform bill.

Hotline On Call
Trying to list proves that Michael Steele’s timeline was not absolutely correct.

Homeland Security Watch
An easy explanation of the problems in intelligence’s daily work.

An obituary to Mief Gies followed by further thoughts.

Visions of Empire
Interesting summary of the Strategy of the Byzantine Empire.

The Majlis
News on U.S. drone strikes in Afghanistan.

Syria Comment
The role of Turkey in the relationship between the USA and Israel.

What you can learn about the donations made to Haiti when you use public sources.

Edmund Standing
Confronting BNP activist Beverley Kerry with statements she made in the Internet.

The Maiden Metallurgist
A report from strange coincidences in everyday’s life.

Sometimes a short note is enough to state a point.

Things I’ve Learned from Wikipedia
Wierd things like the Georgia Guidestones could be found at Wikipedia.

Weekly SciFi TV Roundup
A very detailed review of the first two parts of „The end of time“.

A history of bottled beer.

The Internet Food Association
Facing school lunch.

The Poor Man Institute
How to push the HCR through Congress.