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Linkblog January 2010 Articles

1 Februar, 2010 (15:57) | Editorial | By: pooq

So, this is the first month I started randomly visiting blogs and I have to say I really enjoyed until now. All in all I visited about 75 blogs in the last month but I am not sure whether I could keep up to that rate. When I read a blog I do not really know what I get and in most cases I write what comes to my mind already while I read the post. This leads to very different articles and I read them all again to remember all (non)sense I have written within the last month.

As there even were comments to some articles it seems that there are at least some people who did read one or the other article. As a kind of a résumé and maybe a recommendation for possible new readers I selected the 20 posts I liked best in January. I also added a poll in the end where you are welcome to cast a vote to give me an idea which articles (if any) you liked most. I plan to continue this every month and maybe make some „best of the year“ stuff from it. So if you bother to take this time I am really curious in your vote. I you think I forgot something or want to give any feedback please feel free to leave a comment.

My favorite articles (in chronological order):

YID with LID
love in the living room
Womanist Musings
What Tami Said
Hotline On Call
Paul Krugman Blog
Room for debate
Homeland Security Watch
The Strategist
Visions of Empire
You Suck at Craigslist
Things I’ve Learned from Wikipedia
How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons
Blog collection
The Internet Food Association
Diary of a Content Black Woman