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field negro

2 Februar, 2010 (13:28) | Society | By: pooq

Black people are still suffering from discrimination in the U.S. – of course it is no more open discrimination but if you look at the average social situation of black people compared to those of whites there are still significant differences. Even more you will see the disproportionateness of black and white people in leading positions (even though the black fraction lately gained the #1 position by having Barack Obama).

The most hideous way to discriminate black people nevertheless might be to deny that they have a tendency to be the best athlets. So the author who is fighting against discrimination and racism was asked for his opinion in a case of a basketball coach who favours white players in his team which lead to the threatening of a law suit by the parents of most of the black players. But the author said in that case he could see no discrimination as long as the white players are simply better players than the black ones.