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A Little Urbanity

7 Februar, 2010 (18:51) | Music | By: pooq

„We packed two cars full of teenagers yesterday to see Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Bob Dylan perform at the Durham Athletic Park.“ Maybe the author of this blog ownes a Black Maria or how else did they get a bunch of young people to watch this stone old heroes of their parents or better say grandparents? Threatening deprivation of pocket money or granting extra computer time? The author prefers not to mention it. But what he mentions is the „bad seating and poor acoustics“. So let’s read on to find out whether at least somebody had fun in this tour.

Obviously not when the „opening act was actually the musical highlight“. Willie Nelson and some of his enthusiastic fans celebrated each other and only in the gaps between that he occasionally bothered to sing a little. At least John Mellencamp was not a complete failure. Unfortunally the author was not a fan of him before but to make the best of the situation he at least started to like him. And Bob Dylan, the headline of the evening? Well he and his band „looked really cool“. Whereas his band was just an optical staffage as the sound channel of Bob was so loud that he sounded muddy and there was nothing to hear of the band.

Because of this lousy performance the author guesses „that about a third of the audience was gone by the time the show was over.“ He knows that because he was one of them.