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You Suck at Craigslist

19 Januar, 2010 (17:11) | That is life | By: pooq

Help I have too much stuff„. Even in times of the economical crisis this still is a common problem in the western world. But maybe the Craigslist is the wrong place to ask for any ideas of getting rid of it. Maybe the advertisers intention was to sell it. But who knows? Nevertheless such a post is an invitation to everyone who thinks he is witty. But dear blog author, using a trebuchet would only shift the problem to someone else. Most probably to someone rich with a big garden who would not enjoy getting more stuff. In my home town we have a simple and pragmatic solution for having too much stuff. We put it down to the road visible to everyone passing by (maybe with a sign saying „take what you need“) and very soon all that stuff gets to someone who really needs and wants it. We learned this when we put out the annual bulky waste.