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YID with LID

7 Januar, 2010 (18:32) | Politics | By: pooq

The recent attempted terror attack on an airplane during Christmas days lead Barack Obama to admit a communications problem in anti-terror intelligence. „Less than 1% of known terrorists are placed on no flight list“ says the title of the current YID with LID post. Well, that is strange as it should be no problem to do so. Actually it seems no problem of denying normal people from the „wrong countries“ to travel to the USA in some cases. But on the other hand if they are known terrorist what is the point of putting them onto a no flight list. If they are proved criminals why not capturing them in the moment they appear?

The number of one percent was already public on December 9th which is more than two weeks before the last incedent. And further it was said that approximately 400,000 seem to be suspected of terrorism or at least are in some contact with terrorist or maybe simply non guilty people who somehow got on that list. At least it seems to be quite a hard work even for US information department to watch so many people.

A I understood the author has made his opinion about the fact that only a fraction of the „known terrorist list“ is set to the „No Fly list“:

„If a person is associating with terrorism, we should not let them near public transportation because EVERY known or suspected terrorists is a possible threat to civil aviation and national security.“

As far as I remember there was a period in the US history where people had to prove that they are not communists, maybe we should prove to be not terrorist now?