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23 Januar, 2010 (15:54) | Politics | By: pooq

Politicians have to justify their decisions. Especially when they are accused by their political opponents that they „voted for Obamacare“. And they should answer in a clear understandable way and not in a wishy-washy confusing statement about versions and possibilities. In fact the HCR is too important to have no clear opinion. But if you don’t have it you should not show it but state clearly why you voted for it. Maybe you could simply say:

„Yes I did“ (meaning „I don’t need to explain why“)
„Oops!…I did it again“ (meaning „I did so because I enjoyed doing so“)
„Mischief Managed“ (meaning „I did so cause I knew you would hate it“)

But you should never go that far to say:

„I did so because it was right“ (this could easily look like a naive philanthropist or a person who really studied the matter he voted for)