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Writing is fighting

30 Januar, 2010 (16:04) | Music, News | By: pooq

„High on Fire – S@#t I Love this damn song…….and Haiti“ – ??? – „Okay, this is a weird post. I’m basically throwing two bits together that shouldn’t really go together, but they have been on my mind“ – Ah, I see.
But that would lead to confusing situations on other occasions too: „You are telling me that you want that job at our company and to buy some fresh tomatoes for supper ???“ – „Sorry, I’m basically throwing two bits together that shouldn’t really go together, but they have been on my mind“ – „Ah, I see. Than I am fine. Here are some tomatoes, but forget about getting the job please…“

As the first part is about hardrock albums I can’t possibly expect that theme to match with too many other. Haiti on the other hand have been no theme at all before the earthquake. Earthquakes do not match with too many other themes as well but as it is still in the news no one would wonder when you mention it.
The author saw a news report about gangs stealing supplies donated for the suffering people. And above that he, like I do, thinks this to be a wrong behaviour he fears that people would reconsider donating for the suffering people in Haiti when they see that (some of) their money gets into wrong hands. Especially North Americans might consider that as ungreatfullness, he said.

Well I get the basic idea as I would not donate for anything if I knew it were useless because all the money would go down the drain. But in the Haiti case the victims would be punished twice. First some of their aid gets stolen by rotten people and then other people would stop helping them because of that. So of course any looting has to be stopped not only in times of a catastrophy. But as far as I understand the situation is still that chaotic that the helpers are still trying to build infrastructure and avoid people from getting killed by criminals. So I think those losses of donated goods are a temporarily tribute to the situation and will be stopped as soon as possible.

I think it is good that the author mentioned the problem. Even though I can’t see why many people would follow that reasoning the author himself obviously is: „I haven’t donated any money because being old cynical me, I am trying to figure out where my measly dollars would be best suited.“