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19 Januar, 2010 (18:20) | Internet, Software | By: pooq

So this is what happens if you don’t take a proper look on the blogroll. A quick glance to that of the last blog gave me the impression that beneath some other entries there would be at least a „developer blog“ to continue my voyage. – Which directly leads to the WordPress developer blog. Seems that the author did not bother to reset the initial settings of his blogroll. So now that I am here anyway and before continuing my way on the last crossroad I shall take a look at the great provider of blogging software. A great „Thank you guys“ to all of you!

Better late than never the „2010 Open Source Design Plans“ were to be discussed now. There had been previous steps to involve more users in the core programming and the design and testing of the WordPress software and by so called monthly „competitions“ more new users should be motivated to join in. In addition there already is a wp-hackers mailing list and a ui mailing list. As the organisational structure lead to some troubles in the past this (and other things) should improve the process in future. Normally I would tend to doubt this after reading such a post but the success showed that it will work also in future. Somehow.