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18 Januar, 2010 (22:37) | Politics, Science | By: pooq

It seems as if the author of this blog is visiting other websites to give a rough abstract to motivate her users to visit this pages. What a good idea. Even worse in her abstracts she is tending to be slightly ironic. I do not support such attacks against honest American science and so I will try to restore what the linked pages may actually have said:

Of course the Cato Institute is buying SOME and not all bone marrow strictly for medical reasons. Not as stated by the author as some kind of natural market process.

The New American Foundation has nothing to do with Internet porn. It was investigating the latest problems between Google and China. And as China has firewalled porn there were not even traces of nudity.

CSIS is wanting women in the front lines simply because they are smaller and therefore less likely to being hit. The idea that „Al Qaeda does not kill pretty people“ is stupid because they would not even be able to identify female soldiers as women in spite they were wearing a burqa. In addition the CSIS explicitely pointed out that those frontline women soldiers will by no degree change the picture of the „ugly Americans“ in the world.

Actually the Brookings Institution did simply want to state that only think tanks would be able to hinder America from losing to many anti-terror wars. Real tanks, of course, would be more effective – but who could effort them now after the crisis? So it is better to talk about war than starting one.

The New America Foundation has been deeply misunderstood as well. As it was warning from a possible colonization of America BY the Europeans lead by the British. You may also look here for the whole truth.