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Womanist Musings

8 Januar, 2010 (16:24) | Politics, Religion | By: pooq

For Some, Every Muslim is a Guilty Muslim„, says the author and she had forseen the upcoming conflict with (or better to say against?) foreign and muslim people already at 9/11. A conflict which is not just fought in other countries but in the very heart of every town in the USA where muslim people are now target of suspicion not from the government alone but by many common people. I did not not quite get the argument why muslim women are „particularly vulnerable“ as being „an intersection between religion and Islamophobia“. Maybe it is because that they look quite more alien in case they wear a burqa than men would do?

Or it is because of the incident in a grocery store where a women attacked a muslim woman? But, hey, a single incident to conclude that people „may have no problem attacking a woman because sexism has become an ingrained aspect of our society“. And the attacker was a woman herself, what kind of sexism does that make?

Anyway beside of bringing in an aspect of sexism which I does not understand the author hints to the fact that a common prejudice against foreigners in general and muslims in particular has grown and that aggressive measures would lead to totally solve the conflict conflict neither in foreign countries nor in the cities of America. Lately I stumbled upon the quote of Benjamin Franklin which the author, as I understood her, would possibly agree:

„They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.“

(Benjamin Franklin)