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What Tami Said

8 Januar, 2010 (16:55) | That is life | By: pooq

Tami has become 40. And the fact that this happened in November already and that it took her about two months to write about it, indicates that it was not an easy experience for her. So she is a bit shocked that her childhood, teens and college time have all passed so quickly and brought her now to the „other side“. Well, I can understand the „other side“ thing as I often catch myself in dividing people into sections of twenty years (maybe a bit more minute with the childhood).

And then she states it herself: „I havent’t written much about this milestone, because I needed some time to settle into it“ – yeah, I guessed right in the beginning! But so it is good to read that she still feels young and still has aims: „I still want love, want to look good, want adventure, want to learn and discover new things, want to have a good time.“

„40 can feel heavy, too.“ Well this sounds not really happy to me. It is more a well-I-can’t-change-it-and-make-the-best-of-it for me. But I do well understand it. Age is progressing and gets everyone sooner or later. And still many people stay young and hungry. But society has another position (like in job and family) for them now. Going to parties, doing stupid things and simply having fun do not seem appropriate for everyone else and might look ridiculous for those other people. But why bother? Why should we care for such people? So again a quote in the end which is more a free translation of a song than a quote:

„Enjoy your live now or never. In the end people will turn around and just say „what a pity she is dead“ anyhow. So don’t care about people or you will never find yourself.“