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Weekly SciFi TV Roundup

19 Januar, 2010 (17:50) | Entertainment | By: pooq

I always thought that time would never end and that the expression „till the end of time“ was just another word for „to eternity“. Actually there are at least two ends of time (or it has split into two parts). Well, if I think it over it is more likely that this blog post is about a TV series as it does not sound plausible that anyone would be able to write a review on „the end of time“ (if so then how long could this possibly take? probably no time at all without any time left). Ok, another TV series. Is that what you guys do all day long? Watching TV?

It seems that the author makes his living in watching TV series as there are strong indications that he writes about them on the Examiner. So if he is a professional that post will surely bring new deep insights. Maybe at least for those who watched the series. I – again – know nothing about the series in question and so I get lost right in the very beginning. What was that „huge emotional and mental break there at the end of Waters of Mars“ about? Is George Lucas involved and sent a „Sith Lord“? And what role do „Rose or Donna“ play in that plot? I think without watching the series I can not possibly know nor understand any of the proposals made for the new series. But I think „New monsters“ will always help. Probably more than a „broken Sonic Screwdriver“.