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9 Januar, 2010 (14:07) | Politics | By: pooq

Robert Gates is staying on for the remainder of the year as SECDEF“ says the Blog which claims to be „the Voice of Americas 21st Century Patriots“. I wonder what was wrong with the patriots from the previous century. As this is ten years gone already there might have been a severe change in the quality of patriotism in America. Sounds logically to me as there have been some wars, a new president, a financial crash and who could be sure that all those old vets know how to use the internet at all?

The information on Robert Gates staying is based on an article from AP. „Gates held the top defense job for two years under President George W. Bush.“ but he kept it under Obamas government and will keep it at least for the next time. That is good news for the author as he likes Mr. Gates even though he could also think of other candidates for the job.