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Unlikely Words

23 Januar, 2010 (12:12) | Nature | By: pooq

In a blog with that title I would not have expected to see just a photo with no more text than: „Quick, what is this a picture of?“. Maybe the blog title has to be understood in the way that it is very unlikely to find any words in that blog?

Or the answer of the question is a very unusual word. As I have to be „quick“ I just made a quick glance and by this would consider it shows an owl. So maybe that makes sense. As far as I know owls have become very rare and are not too far from extinction. Think about that!

In addition OWL also means „Ordinary Wizard Level“ – also I quite uncommon thing in the muggle world. Though as they have animated papers in the wizard world I am very curious how there Web 2.0 would look like. Maybe we learn more about that in Harry Potter 28 „The magical Cyberattack“