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The Washington Independent

9 Januar, 2010 (14:31) | Health, Politics | By: pooq

On first sight „The Washington Independent“ looks like a professional news portal. But it has comments and a blogroll so I think this counts as a blog. What I observed is that most of the blogs I visited until now tended to be „big and professional“ and have a tendency to politics.

Senate plan encourages discrimination“ is what some health advocates say. As there is always someone who complains there seem to be not only some but a „long list“ of complainers. They criticize that with the reform bill „insurers and employers could penalize workers thousands of dollars for pre-existing conditions“. The problems is that incentives for good medical behaviour might be misused for raising rates for all the others instead of lowering them in general. But others fear that „lowering premiums for some workers — those that hit their wellness marks — would inevitably mean hiking rates on those who didn’t.“

That is the problem: someone has to pay the bill. But health politic is a bit too large field for me to state any opinion on short notice.