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The Maiden Metallurgist

19 Januar, 2010 (16:21) | That is life | By: pooq

I think many women believe that men are mad because sometimes they have the tendency to fanatically focus on a certain thing such as their career, ruling the world, looking clever or watching a baseball match. On the other hand men think that women are a bit crazy because of their doing 27 things at the same time and noticing only in the end that they could not finish half of them successfully. So the author was forced to ditch her arts class for a while as that did not at all suit with the ongoing trip to her family. Obviously. And between „laundry, packing, cleaning, and making sure I have amazing hair“ there is still her work to do and not to forget the twitter duties.

But actually no man should dare to accuse a woman on this as their focussing on the „few important“ things forces women to do e.g. all these 163 household tasks alone. But many women do support that situation too. Especially grandmas who served this ideal their whole lives expect this behaviour now from their (grand) daughters. In the author’s story her granny has bugged her husband (the author’s) to have breakfast. When she finally brought him to agree and after a vain try to make him to prepare some himself it naturally fell to the loving wife to do the cooking. At least this granny knows to delegate like a man would do. If in the end, like a man would do, she would claim all the tributes for the fine breakfast for herself is not told.