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22 Januar, 2010 (17:06) | Food & Beverages, Language | By: pooq

„The Human Face of School Lunch“ What? There is a human face behind that mealgrown manifestation of terror? In my school there actually was to some degree: the matrone of the evil school kitchen hell who tried to make the best from the low budget and had a friendly word for each friendly pupil. But even her could not prevent the food from being very poor. It was then already when I did not understand why it was impossible to make a good meal for 600 pupils when each payed three bucks (and as far I know the town did support each meal with at least the same amount).

„School cafeteria lunches catch a lot of flak from policymakers and those interested in food policy. And rightfully so.“ Seems as if nothing has changed since my childhood. Besides I think the verb „flak“ origins in the German word „Flak“ an abbreviation for „Flugabwehrkanone“ which is a „defensive cannon against airplanes“. If it were not for „kindergarten“ the Germans would be known just for words like „Blitzkrieg“. And if it were not for beer it would be known just for fancy foods as „Sauerkraut“. That should make it worth to worry a good deal what school lunch would be there. Maybe fast, hard and bitter.

But this has to be no lasting rule. In Illinois a teacher started a blog project and for that she participates in the pupil’s school lunch each day and evaluates it. To give the reader a better impression she also added a photo of each days lunch. The result sounded like it were a good idea to take a daily look in that blog if you plan a diet or simply hate pupils. Nevertheless the aim is to improve the quality of school lunch with this project. But I would not bet on they have a real chance to succeed as generations before have failed patheticly in doing so.