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Save Hiatus

19 Januar, 2010 (17:59) | Entertainment | By: pooq

Wow, to publish a continous comic strip in a weblog is an idea which is completely new to me. The comic seems to be in realistic black and white drawings what I get from the last picture as all the other pictures contain text. I wonder if writing is the first skill a comic artist has to learn on arts school. These neat large letter texts look quite the same in most comics.

As this comic is a blog with every new panel the readers have the oportunity to use the comment function to discuss the recent strip. But it seems that lately there weren’t any more strips. In February 16th, 2009 the author was last seen in the blog and announced to be „away from the drawing board for now and I’ll be traveling this week (New Jersey, represent!)“. The old trick like „Darling, I’m just off to buy a packet of cigarettes“. So this week has become very long since and who knows if the author will ever manage to come back.