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21 Januar, 2010 (16:22) | Sports | By: pooq

Arsenal has won 4-0 against Wigan Athletics. This was to be expected. „Arsenal needed to batter Wigan and needed to keep a clean sheet, and they complied.“ The first goal was scored by Thomas Vermaelen and it was the only goal scored in the first half. Arsenal had many chances for more but they did not manage to score. Beside of many thousand other there are two rules in football. The first is „if you don’t manage to seal the game and use your chances it will avenge itself“. So many good teams lost a game or drawed by taking a single counter attack though they were dominating the game. But not here. The second rule is that after a fierce resistance against powerful high-classed football the weaker team will fall apart in second half because they run out of power. So second goal was scored by Thomas Vermaelen again and the third was made in billiard style and „took a couple of touches“ (I would like to have seen it). The last goal was scored by Cesc Fabregas.

In the end the author can’t be withheld from bothering with advertising for „Sportpundit“ spending all his three links there. That is a clear sending-off in additional time. Buuuh!