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Manifest Density

22 Januar, 2010 (17:28) | News | By: pooq

Now „the New York Times is erecting a partial paywall.“ and the author thinks that it would not work the way they might have planned. „Not in a technical sense.“ the author said. But actually he claims that it would indeed not work in technically sense as it would be technically possible to build such wall at let only pass paying and/or registered customers. But the problem is that each customer who gained access to a piece of content would be able to spread this in the whole world without any production cost. Of course that would not be legal but there are so many things in the Internet that are not legal. I can’t figure out if this will happen but as there are many readers of the online NYT I suppose there would be many people being interested in „freed content“. On the other hand there would be enough people who are honest enough not to steal any protected content but pay for it. But how should new customers come? The more the access to the content is limited the less it will be quoted or linked to by the public. Like me the post author has no idea how to solve that problem.