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love in the living room

7 Januar, 2010 (20:06) | Entertainment | By: pooq

Jill Miller Zimon started it. As being a woman she was probably more likely to link to a young feminist blog and so I seem to have left politics much earlier than I thought in the beginning and seem to be within the women and feministic area now. Let’s see if I guess it right.

The first impression is that I am right. Even the larger text area of the blog (link no longer found) could not hinder my eye to watch the picture on the website: a woman buying underwear. OK, let’s read the text to find out what that is about. Actually the post is about another series: „Secret Girlfriend“ on „Comedy Central“. Yes, and again I fail to know it. But the author is kind enough to tell me what I have missed. The series is about a twenty-something attractive male who is not visible in the series. This is because the shot is done from an ego perspective all the time. And what you get to see are pretty young women preferred in some sexy situations. This explains the picture of the girl buying bras but they should definitely be careful to avoid mirrors in their series. All in all this seems to be the main thing you need to know the plot. So one question is:


Obviously peoply do as „ratings averaged 1.37 million viewers over the first four episodes“. Which is awful as the „context is built around representations of women as giggling sex objects who happily go home with the men in the car next to them“. Well even though I do not like reducing women as sex objects myself, this nevertheless might be one reason for the succes of the series. And I have another suspicion. Though they do not admit it I think many girl enjoy the „you are are strong man while I am the weak goodlooking girl“ image to a far degree. So does anyone know how many of the 1.37 million viewers are female? Maybe they are the „Secretly stupid“ ones the header names.