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Kings of War

15 Januar, 2010 (16:48) | Politics | By: pooq

As far as I remember even in medieval times there have been few kings at all. And after that era their interest in participating themselves in a war did strongly cease. So who are they, the King of wars? „Are you experienced?“ (Yes, your majesty) So here we go.

Mark Urban, „one of our finest war reporters“, said „There are simply too many people mouthing off about Afghanistan who have never been there and have no intention of seeing what the conflict actually looks like on the ground.“

This gives the starting point for discussing the difference of tactical versus strategical knowledge. As true kings of war we would of course not mistake „personal exposure to danger with an astute understanding of strategy.“ They are two different things even though they may influence each other. And so the author who seeks strategical understanding rather than tactical nevertheless plans to visit Afghanistan to get a close impression of the war.

I think it would have a huge influence if all responsible politicians and strategical leaders of the world would be forced to do so as well. That most probably will have an immense effect on their strategical decision. Not least on the plan of finding and killing all Taliban (maybe they could read the end of my last post as a start to get an idea).