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18 Januar, 2010 (21:27) | Music, Religion | By: pooq

The blog’s title certainly seems to be a play on words containing something jewish. But if it is „juicy“ or „You see“ or both I don’t know.

Actually the post as very little about „Bluegrass, German History, and How I Found My Jewish Voice“ (maybe the latter applies) as it seems to be more an application for something called the „Six Points Fellowship“. A lady named Clare Burson is a kind of a half-professional musician and wants to bring out a music album. And she wants the fellowship to fund and stimulate it. As one of the requirements seems to be jewish beside her musical talents she points out that she has „learned Yiddish“ and „played klezmer music“. I one heard a radio broadcast on klezmer music and as far as I remember it is a sad music with a singer and little instrumentation.

She also tells a bit (not more) of her live. She comes from Nashville (Bluegrass), her grandparents fled from Nazi Germany (German History) and she „began with the idea of wanting broadly to create fundamentally ‘Jewish‘ work within the more secular frame of Americana music“ (Jewish Voice).

Unfortunally Clare Burson will not get this fellowship as she already got and completed it with creating an album called „SILVER AND ASH“.