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How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons

19 Januar, 2010 (19:14) | Language | By: pooq

I always believed that Swedish was one of the easiest languages in the world. Beside maybe of esperanto, which nobody speaks at all. But it is the same problem with Swedish. It is no use to bother learning it as all Swedes have English as a second native language. That is because it does not pay to translate all movies to Swedish and so all foreign films are in original languange (which mainly is English) with subtitles. In addition half of the Swedes speak German, especially the elderly. That is because, well, I don’t want to talk of this now…

Despite of all this TV input the Swedes remained notably old fashioned. They still insist that Christmas trees are decorative as long as they carry at least a single needle. So they keep it at least till January the 13th on which all Swedes simultaneously will throw their trees out of their windows. They call it St.Knuts day (maybe the „K“ is just a spelling mistake). I have to be that detailled because it definitely proves the author to be liar and no real Swede at all as he wrote on January 10th already that „the tree all rolled up in a sheet, just like the victim it is, hauled out and dumped into the little plaza outside the city library“. Don’t think we are stupid. Well, maybe we are a little bit but not that stupid.

So naturally that would make it useless to read on but lets see which other steps the author takes to weave his web of lies. „House guests for weeks“ he claimed to have had. Another obvious lie as everybody knows that Swedes deliberately hate to have visitors after dawn. Any one who tried to stay longer could tell the story. But in the end we learn the truth, even though he tries to obfuscate us with stories about Oslo and Stockholm I strongly suspect that he really origins from Chicago. And this guy really thinks that he could explain „vintertid“ to us?