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Hotline On Call

9 Januar, 2010 (14:56) | Politics | By: pooq

„Hotline on call“? – how about „Dial H for Hotline“?

„Steele’s Book Timeline Doesn’t Fit“. Not the timeline of the content is in question but the timeline of writing the book. „Michael Steele said today he wrote the book before he took over the national party last January.“ We all know that there are several well paid jobs in the world where you have hardly any work to do and pretty much time to write a book, build a house or simply enjoy the days. But you have to keep that secret of course because if too many people knew about it they all would run for the job themselves. So Steel wrote the book „before“. He is a clever guy as long as he did not work for anyone else „before“.

Unfortunally some events and people in his book obviously were „after“. And that is what Steele is accused of. But I think that is of course not the real source of anger. Contrary this accusations support his reputation not alone that he might be considered a fortune teller in future. Futher more implicitely he seems to be the real author of the book and not any anonymous ghostwriter. Otherwise he would simply have stated that he did not write any line of the book at all neither „before“ nor „after“ any certain date.

No it is the one time he failed by „saying he didn’t believe the GOP could take back the House“. I think that does not serve the reputation of a RNC chair. Not „before“ and not „after“..