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Homeland Security Watch

12 Januar, 2010 (17:04) | Politics | By: pooq

Of course homeland security could not be outsourced that easy as other combat duties. But it is OK to have guest contributors in the homeland security blog, especially if it is just a watch blog and if the guest is a member of the Homeland security himself. So this article is written by Lt. Vinicio Mata from Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety who will in March receive a master’s degree in homeland security from the Naval Postgraduate School. There is a master’s degree in homeland security?

Within the ongoing discussion of the quality of the intelligence services to use the information they gathered to form a valid picture many experts have been critizising the services. The author wants to make clear that this critic is not considering enough all the difficulties which are connected with this job. To explain this he uses a comprehensible example of a real puzzle. But not a simple one. A very difficult one with many missing parts and many surplus pieces which just look exactly as if they would fit into the picture but actually won’t. And the picture itself of course would be unknown as well. If you have this kind of puzzle it would be much more difficult than most people would imagine to form any usable picture. So after all this article was really nice and easy to understand. Nevertheless it leaves some questions open for me still.

Why can’t they allocate at least these tiles which have a clear „known terrorist list“ written on it to the „be careful when this guy boards a plane“ picture?

Why are they collecting so many tiles if they could not handle it? When in addition they obfuscate the real picture?

And why are they teaching intelligence skills for the homeland security?