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Foreign Policy Watch

17 Januar, 2010 (18:29) | Politics | By: pooq

At least this blog leads from special Syrian politics blogs to a more general foreign politics blog. Nevertheless I am caught in politics again and there is no end in sight. Politics always is a dangerous theme (what is not?) as one is easily branded as a conservative or liberal. But I remember that I have done this test recently which found my political compass pretty close to the center. Which would state that I am just as far from the left as from the right wing and in the middle of being an authoritarian or a libertarian. Actually I fear my political orientation would be that of a cinic logician. I just said in case anyone wondered. As they always give my political themes I just wanted to make this clear. But this blog is not about me and not about politics but about blogs.

And so it is about Mohammed Badie who just became head the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. If he would do that test he probably would diverge more to the right of the political compass as the author thinks that his election „indicates a further solidification of the dominance of the movement’s conservative wing“.
In his acceptance speech Badie has also been „downgrading the significance of the conflict with the Egyptian state“. A conflict in which already thousands of members of the brotherhood have been arrested and imprisoned. Badie said that ‚the organization would refocus on „the Brotherhood’s traditional mission of spreading a religious message“‚ so this indicates that it’s future focus will be drawn from parliamentary politics.