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7 Januar, 2010 (19:29) | Entertainment | By: pooq

Actually I just took the first blog from the bottom of the last blogroll which looked like a blog and so I got here learning about Taylor Momsen. Taylor seems to be „Jenny“ from a series called „Gossip Girl“ which I failed to know until now. And she made it being the cover girl of a magazine called „seventeen“ which I did not know as well. Actually this seems to be no loss as the author does not seem to be to convinced of the contents of this mag. But she could explain why she nevertheless read this paper. She was bored at an airport and so decided to buy it. What she does not tell is why she did not buy any other paper then. Maybe she likes Taylor, „Gossip Girl“ or „seventeen“ even though she might be a bit ashamed of the fact.

But Taylor is not just a famous actress but a singer as well. And so there are some music videos embedded and a part of the „seventeen“ interviewn which gives insight to the musical live of Taylor Momsen. In the end it is Taylor Momsens „passionate“ way to do things that „she loves“ that has impressed the author and made her think she is an „example of a celebrity that’s worth looking up to“.


Comment from Jill Miller Zimon
Time Januar 8, 2010 at 4:18 am

Your approach is very Forrest Gump – blogtripping is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get (or something like that, right?). Enjoy. Blogs are in fact so many flavors – I actually never tire of them, though I do tire of some types, and of certain ones. Thanks again and good luck with you experiment- do try to keep it going – I know it can be hard, promise.

Comment from pooq
Time Januar 8, 2010 at 3:52 pm

Yes, I guess it is. But that seems very interesting. The beginning was fun and so I will continue and looking forward what blogs will come along my way. Of course I think I can not keep the rate of visting six or meven more blogs on one day for too long. But I could simply slow down then. Thanks for your encouragement.