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18 Januar, 2010 (14:53) | Science | By: pooq

It is a good idea to split the blog roll into theme sections. Not alone that in a large blog roll it helps the visitor to find what he is interested in. No it is an exit that from time to time will bring me back from Politics to something else. On the other hand as long as I will follow the strategy to preferably pick the last blog in the blog roll it makes it more unlikely for me to read about „Animals“, „Babes“ and „Cinema“. Well you can’t have it all. So quite close to the end of the alphabet you can find the Science:

„Winter term classes started on Monday here at JMU“. This „is a good time to get out of dodge“ and to meet interesting people in the 2010 Joint Mathematics Meetings („Yay!“) and in the National Center for Science Education („Double yay!“). I wish I were a scientist. Having strange and easy joys and being so enthusiatic on them. But I can’t be as I do not even understand the basics of the inner-scientist conversation. So maybe someone could explain why most comments quote this with a heartily „Thank you“?