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Edmund Standing

18 Januar, 2010 (14:23) | Politics | By: pooq

The blog author is leading a kind of privat war against „The Deceptions and Distortions of BNP activist Beverley Kerry“. This is something which happens from time to time in the blogosphere, but this time it contains the charge of „racism, neo-Nazis, and neo-Nazi ideology“ and so has a political dimension. As I don’t know Beverley Kerry I can’t estimate the significance of this accusations for the public.

One could think that every national party is rascist to some degree as at least it serves to preserve and protect the members of the nation in question. If you follow this argument all members of the British National Party should be racists to some degree if you presume there could be different levels of racism. But would that make them neo-Nazis or have a neo-Nazi ideology? No. Not unless they directly or indirectly state to be.

But it would be quite hard, useless and boring to be a neo-Nazi (maybe it is just anyway) if there is not a place somewhere where you could state your opinion. So the author names sources where Beverley Kerry has attacked „niggers“, jews and muslims. If they are true then surely the accusation of a much deeper racism seems proved. In addition the indicated connection to the Blood&Honour forum would bring her very close to the Nazi ideology. So if you are interested in the matter you may start with reading this article to make you a picture of your own.