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Chat Richards

12 Januar, 2010 (18:30) | Travels | By: pooq

Chat Richard’s blog is subtitled with „War, Chaos, and Business“ and his current hope is about „Recent Travels“. Which makes me strongly hoping he did not have visited any place around here. If so it were too late already as his post is from November of last year.

The first sentence is relieving me from my fears: „Some pictures from Singapore and Chicago.“ He enjoys running on a small mountain about 100 ft above the near moloch with it’s sticky air. And with it’s monocultural, rich being which he fears to be the future of civilization one day. A bit intolerant like Switzerland presented itself after the minarett referendum, and about the same size. Not a nice picture of a place to make holidays the author draws of Singapore. So I assume he did not go there to relax but to fulfil his duties as named above there.

Chicago on the other hand is „fast becoming my favorite big American city“. „Like Singapore, it’s a real city where people live, work, and play downtown.“ So what I taken from this post is to avoid Singapore, Switzerland and take a look at Chicago and maybe New York. Nevertheless Chat should avoid to become a tourist guide author or a professional photographer. But I do not think that has been his intention.