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21 Januar, 2010 (14:15) | Computer, Shopping | By: pooq

This post is about the different options you have when you buy a laptop. Though it starts with a personal experience it then takes just a quick glance on other brands on the notebook market. My first impression was that it sounded to me like an article that was written on marketing reasons only as it contained a certain keyword density which made me suspicious. This impression was supported when I saw that all the links in the article were leading to Savebuckets, which I assume to be a computer hardware seller. The only thing that is contrary to my advertisement guess is that the author praised his Dell Vostro laptop. And this can only be bought at Dell as far as I know. But nevertheless the author avoided the link to this company. Maybe Dell should increase their marketing revenues.

So if that really was just advertising here are some personal messages:

@Dell: If you grant me 50% off on my next purchase I will write a fine article about you.
@Savebuckets: Honestly guys, what did you pay him? May I have the same conditions?
@other Companies: I am not just interested in Computers. Just tell me what you have got and we surely find an agreement.