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bitch magazine

7 Januar, 2010 (20:31) | Politics | By: pooq

So I just got comfortable in spending some times among women when I have to deal with politics again. „People for the Ethical Treatment of Obama“ is the current post of the blog with the promising title „bitch magazine“. Well, maybe I should be more careful with such male imaginations when beeing among feminists…

The animal activists of PETA did use Michelle Obama in one of their ads, says the article. They did so because „they knew she would have said no“. Yes, this might be true. How could Michelle Obama deny posing for charity when so many famous women seem to be wild to act for PETA – many of them even naked. At least this fate Michelle Obama does not have to share. On the other hand presidents and their wives should not make commercials for whatever. So the author as well is „sick and tired of PETA’s bullshit campaign tactics“. But as she is democratic enough to allow her visitors to state their own opinions in a vote.