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12 Januar, 2010 (22:06) | Internet, Literature | By: pooq

Compared to Deleuze and Guattari, reading Virilio is a breeze.“ Actually not Virilio himself but the book called „The information bomb“ which he wrote. And this post gives a rough summary of it’s content. So it seems to be up to me to give a summary of a summary. And if anyone would start to summarize me than we alltogether get a book of 150 pages broken down to, say, 150 words or even letters. This would be the opposite effect of an information bomb I suppose.

Virilio sees every „scientific and technological development as being driven by military necessity“. What is good for the army might serve normal people as well, I think. Unfortunally this argument works the different way too. The Internet is such an example. And now it comes a bit strange and I will try to tell, what I understood from the further reasoning:

Internet brings all the world together. Anywhere is everywhere especially if information is concerned. It goes around the world, influences all the people and then strikes back to it’s origin. Blast. Those who manipulate this information stream with misleading information will rule all the world. Double Blast.

So probably this is cut a bit short but that is what I got from it. And I also assume Virilio used some more arguments for his reasoning. Otherwise he really would be a breeze as I miss the news in it. The Internet is just one source of information of people’s life and far from ruling the world. And if it were, there should have been books on newspapers and on TV before which you might simply take and insert the word „Internet“ anywhere it fits. So it seems to be just another general apocalyptic view to me.

But maybe the story of the Information Bomb is true to some degree after all. Unfortunally the author of the blog himself got hit hard by it when in the end he had to discover that someone else already made a review of this book in a blog post. This would have been a good example for a counter information bomb, assuming the first post were a fraud, if not the other article in question were not the kick off post of the very same blog.

As this post is from January 2009 it seems it accidently had the first and the last post about the same topic.