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Found well sorted

2 November, 2009 (16:57) | Internet, That is life | By: pooq

(Screenshot of

There are many link collections and link directories but only few of them present a large selection of only high quality links. The link collection ( is one of the better directories. I nevertheless want to point out in advance that Pooq is a webseite I run myself. So even though I try a true evaluation my text may still be biased.

The layout is made by several shades of blue. It may be practical but will win no design award. Already when calling the site some search results are presented. These could be changed by using the search options on the top of the page to get a useful result that suits to a given request. The main options are a keyword search and a folder navigation. After changing any option the results will be immediately adjusted to the new request. In total there is a pool of about 4300 links from which the results are generated. This link base actually really seems hand selected and useful.

Especially the folder option with all it’s subfolders is a good way to search for link tipps for a certain theme. Also the keyword search leads to a quick result. There are hundreds of themes and subthemes and the results (if not empty) are often very helpful.

Once you managed to spot the search options at the top of the page they are easy to use. Some tasks like deleting a previously set keyword search are unnecessarily complicated but could be solved. Due to the few search options the search is less confusing but advanced search options are missing.

The main problem of link directories of course fits for Pooq as well. Despite of the large number of links the content is limited and what has not been added to the database can not be found at all. So Pooq like all other directories has to hint to a search engine when it is out of it’s wits.

This link collection is valuable when you are seeking for link tipps for a certain theme. Here the collection is well sorted and consists of a large selection of quality links. But for a special search the data base still is much to small to cover all requests. In that case you are better off when using another place for your search (site of the author).