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Where the wind blows

22 November, 2008 (17:50) | Sports, Travels | By: pooq

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There are many weather forecasts in the Internet, which give general information of a region. Windfinder ( provides data of single meteriological stations and is specialized on wind data.

With the simple search options it is easy to find the spot of choice quickly. There is are several datsets for a single region in case there are more meteriological stations. For the selected space beside of information on temperature there is data on wind strength and wind direction. For sports depending on the wind situation such as surfing, sailing or kiting you can get a precise impression of the situation at the target location.

The detailed data provides all necessary information on wind strength, wind direction, air pressure and temperature for interested searchers. Above that there are forecasts and statistics.

For normal users there might be too much and too detailled data.

The service provides weather information detailed enough for a good estimation of the wind situation at a target location which is e.g. imortant for wind sports. Those who are just interested if the sun is shining at the target location would be better of with a more simple weather information website.