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18 Oktober, 2008 (16:55) | News | By: pooq

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Newsalloy ( is a feed reader, which collects news from other websites and presents them to the user on a page of it’s own. On the startpage you can login or on your first visit register an account.

In meantime most websites which provide news offer „feeds“. Such websites are the big news portals and blogs. A „feed“ is a standardized aggregation of a piece of news in a special format. The advantage is that even each news source uses it’s own format for presenting the original news the „feed“ is following the same rules for each of those sites.

Newsalloy allows subscribing the news of the favourite sources. The service will then regularily request the subscribed site for new information and will present it on an aggregated site. For the user it is no more necessary to visit all his sites of interest himself anymore. He will see new news automatically and can read them in Newsalloy. With a click on the generated link he can switch to the Original source and read the news there in whole. In addition he has the ability to archive links to interesting news.

Newsalloy saves the user from calling numerous news sites every day and instead presents all the news on one page. Especially with small news sources who are not having news everyday users do not waste their time with checking for possibly new stuff. The archiving of news is easy and very helpful to come back to important news later on.

In some cases I suffered some little odds such as having to call a certain channel instead of getting the news in the main channel. In other cases I got old news shown days later again. But this was seldom and not a real drawback.

As Newsalloy will request for new information in a given intervall it may take several minutes until a published news will be recognized by the automatic scan process. But in normal cases there are few news you can not wait for some minutes longer. As there are few people driving to the printing press to get their morning paper two hours earlier.

Newsalloy offers a quick access to news from a wide range of sources aggregated on one website. This saves time and avoids missing some news. The access to the original article is only one click away as direct links are provided. As Newsalloy is an Internet service you can access it from any computer with connection to the Internet.