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Looking into the tube

19 Oktober, 2008 (14:08) | Internet | By: pooq

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Youtube ( is part of the „participatory web“. Everyone can upload short videos and has access to all the films uploaded by others. Assumendly there are several millions of films available.

The development of Youtube was very fast-paced. Founded in February 2005 it has been bought by Google for more than a billion dollars in October 2006. Following their own statements each day millions of videos are watched and several hundred thousands are newly uploaded.

The start page of Youtube show a list of the currently most popular videos. The other videos can be found by searching for keywords in the search box at the top. To upload videos a free account has to be created. Each video is connected with a small piece of code which allows to embed videos on other Internet pages.

Like all offers allowing user generated content Youtube has to deal with unwanted or even illegal content. Beside of checks of their own Youtube allows users to give feedback on problematic content. All in all Youtube manages to keep the rate of unwanted stuff relatively low. Pornographic content is filtered as well. Nevertheless in the end there is no guarantee on the correctness of every entry.

On Youtube visitors have access to a huge number of videos which sometimes are very good. The authors of films got a platform to publish their results to a broad audience. The voting system is making at least a small part of recommendable films more visible to the public. The ability to embed videos in other websites promotes good videos as it is not necessary to visit Youtube to see them.

Beside of malicious bad content as spam or illegal content one might find there is a huge number of simply boring and badly made films. As the filmes are tagged by certain keywords only it is not always easy to find wanted and interesting videos.

There are fans of Youtube which are very good in finding the good films within the large offer. In most cases they spread the knowledge of those to „normal Internet users“. The average Internet user is likely to visit Youtube only by recieving a recommodation for certain films by a website or by personal friends.