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Always on the search (

11 Oktober, 2008 (19:16) | Internet, That is life | By: admin

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Google ( is the search engine used by most users worldwide. The very simple start page contains a text box to enter a term of interest and after sending it Google serves short descriptions and Internet addresses of websites matching this request for free.

The company uses automatic search bots to visit and try to analyze web sites 24/7. The results of this reseraches are stored to enlarge and actualize a gigantic database with billions of datasets. A request for a search term will in a fraction of seconds deliver matching results sorted by relevance.

Beside their main job as being a search engine descreet links on the home page direct to additional services, as there are search engines for images and news, interactive maps or the email service Google Mail. All this services are gratis for normal users as well. Financially very important for the company ist the advertising program with „Adwords“ allowing to buy advertisements shown on Google or on one of millions of other websites, which are participating on the income via the „Adsense“ program.

The amount of data and the relevance of the results is outstanding and the reason why the engine is used so frequently. Without search engines the Internet would most probably not have reached the importance it has now, as there is no other way to find all the existing web sites in the Internet. As well the gratis extra services, especially Google Maps have set standards and simplified the access to information to a far degree.

Once Google started with the motto „do no evil“ like being the likeable company of the neighbourhood. But meanwhile many are wondering whether Google really is as innocent as they pretend. Due to their extension Google earns lot of data on users and their behaviour and it is not completely clear how Google uses them internally or to whom they hand it to. Furthermore there are many who fear the market power of the leader in the field. As many users use nothing else but Google for content in the Internet, websites which are not listed there are virtually untraceable. Especially the danger of censorship.

Maybe Google is no more the freindly neighbour but free of charge and very good. Searching normal and harmless information is satisfied very well at Google. Whether to apply for a free Google Mail is in everyone’s own choice. In my opinion at the moment Google is the best search engine in the Internet. In the rare cases you do not find whta you searched for at Google there are still some other places to search.