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An Ideal Golf Course

26 August, 2010 (15:46) | Sports | By: pooq

The author seems to be not alone a golf player but a designer of golf courses and he shows a picture of a place close to the ocean where he almost did build a golf course. But he didn’t and for sure it would be awful to calculate the stormy winds so close to the coast. At least it would be hard to reach that countryside feeling of a golf course.

Well my golf would not be effected by windy courses anyway. My playing is so bad that it would not suffer any further by some wind. Beside that my strikes tend to roll across the fairway instead of flying high so what should wind scare me then?

Free Drop

30 Juli, 2010 (20:13) | Sports | By: pooq

If I got a free drop I would try to drop out of this loop of golf sites. But this is one of the principles of this website: take what you get. And I consider whta I get is more interesting knowledge about golf. „Knowing where you are?“ is the question of the day – Yes I think I am.

But after glancing over the blog post I have to admit that I am no wiser than before. Let’s say I am confused. That is the right punishment for a non-golfer like me for reading a golf page. So as far as I understood some guy played his first stroke (probably over a distance of some hundred yards) into a bunker (which is some kind of sand pit). But he made some mistake with his next strike as he did not realize that the bunker actually was a water hazard (which I think simply is a kind of pond) by definition of the …well whoever defined that. At least he did not realized his little ball has drown feet deep in the water because he actually saw it on the top of some sand pile). Obviously golf as well becomes some totally different stuff when you slightly change the rules.

And if they call a small bunker a water hazard in Pasatiempo I really wonder what they call the experience of the golfer in the previous post. Armageddon?

Whiffling Straits Golf Blog

30 Juli, 2010 (19:56) | That is life | By: pooq

On the first impression the pictures shown on the website might implicate the course of the pro pro superiour golf league with very much water and very slopy green in the far distance. But of course it is not that. After all it is much worse as this is the impression of what some bad weather did with the home area of the promising golfer and blog writer. What a bad fate. And as his last post already happened a weak ago he probably is still trying to get the water out of his house. Good luck. But if that is the „casual weather“ I have not much hope when the hard weather comes.

Waggle Room

29 Juli, 2010 (18:20) | Law, Sports, That is life | By: pooq

Golf is said to be a slow and expensive not to say exclusive sport. The ideal game for the rich such as bankers and lawyers. And America is the country for lawyers – I know that for sure as I frequently watched „The Simpsons“ and „Futurama“. So after a probably wrong disqualification of Sarah Brown from the Duramed Futures Tour the lawyers might have some work again. Maybe that could work together nicely with a course? In this case as often enough the dad of a promising sportler is overacting in regards of what he thinks is not only the best but the right for his little baby. Hey, Daddies, if you were that cool why was your own sporting careers so lousy always?

Tuna Golf

29 Juli, 2010 (17:27) | Sports | By: pooq

After American Football and Baseball here is an interesting combination of two further favourite American sports: Tuna Golf which combines Golf with Fishing. But at least those two are sports that are popular in at least some countries outside the States. Maybe that’s why those sports are just considered to be mediocre. Or maybe iit is just mediocre because it was a Canadian Championship which was won by a European. Yeah, dude that’s right… boring. Nevertheless, I think I like Golf. And America, though it might sound differently from time to time. But I’m not sure whether I like fishing. So I am glad I saw neither fish nor rod on any of the photos shown on this page.

The Big Lead

29 Juli, 2010 (17:08) | Sports | By: pooq

So here is another favourite America sport I consider: Baseball. Like American Football it suffers the same drawbacks: no one knows the rules or is interested in the game outside of Uncle Sam’s country. Within that nevertheless at least every second American is a fanatic sports fan and loves results and statistics more than, let’s say wife, kids and good beer. So here are some recent game results. As I never heard of any of those teams mentioned I guess it’s some second or third class league that is talked about. Or maybe I am simply ignorant.

The Same Intensity

29 Juli, 2010 (16:59) | Computer Games, Sports | By: pooq

Why is „American Football“ called „American Football“? Right because no one elsewhere plays it, watches it or does even know the rules of it. So now there might be a reason to bother after watching the „Game Check: Madden ’11 Intro & Super Bowl Celebration“. The intro for the new XBox Football game. Unfortunally I consider the actual in-game would not be like the trailer. So anyone outside the US relax and sit back. And watch your football, tennis, cricket, golf or whatever is your contry’s favourite sports. This blog post I visited at least does not show anything else but two Youtube videos.

Sports On My Mind

29 Juli, 2010 (16:45) | Sports | By: pooq

As we all know every professional sportler earns way too much money. They have huge base fee and above that there are incentives who increase the income often to the triple of the base fee. So far there is not much difference to the income of bankers and managers. And like those sportler could easily be replaced and do nothing useful for the society at all. OK, let’s say one burn the money and the latter burn the time.

So why does the other bothers to critize critique on such contracts? Because he does not think that incentives are just bad in team sports because they are paid for individual goals.